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How to attach contracts to my CCO ID?
How to attach contracts to my CCO ID?
cco_id attach contracts contract
9/22/11 10:32 AM
Query from User -

How to attach contracts to my CCO ID?
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RE: How to attach contracts to my CCO ID?
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9/22/11 6:50 AM as a reply to Harshada Kamalapurkar.
Hi -

While I am not Cisco employee I think I can help here.

There 2 ways that I'm aware of. If the user is the reseller of the contract CCO association can be handled through teh Service Access Management tool found at Access to this tool will need to be granted to the Partner Administrator if partner does not have access already.

Or my foolproof way is having TAC make the association. Send email to with CCO of the person sending the request, CCO of who to associate to the contract and contract number associate that CCO too. This email should come from someone at the partner organization who is either partner administrator or whomever is already associated to that contract. - I have been using this method for several years. TAC is very quick in acting on these type of requests, I've typically had turn around time of 10-15 minutes.

Hope this helps

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RE: How to attach contracts to my CCO ID?
11/27/11 2:05 PM as a reply to DAN SCHLICHT.
Good information Dan!

The access you described is related to TAC access to the contracts. If you would need access to contracts in order to view and manage them in Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC), you can register your contacts right in CSCC. For step by step instructions on how to register contracts, click the link below!


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